About Us

RC One Racing has been a long time dream of mine going back to the early 90's. I raced mainly off-road as I was an avid motocross racer, (I have raced all levels of motocross, from beginner to pro) and could incorporate skills from motocross racing into racing RC cars. It's amazing how much it feels like actually racing in a real car or on a motorcycle! I raced only a few years from 1992-94. Life was changing for me as I was starting a family and running my current business (Magic Racing). It was a blast and had a fantastic time racing, traveling, meeting new people and hanging out with friends.


Fast forward to 2014. Going through personal life changes I found RC racing again! I have to say it saved me at a time when I was questioning everything and found myself wondering why things were turning out the way they were. But Someone above had a plan for me and I learned you just have to believe that things happen for a reason.


2015-Current. I introduced my son Ryder into RC and he fell in love. We have been able to race together and travel all over, having great experiences. The time we spend together is priceless!


2016. I met Beth. My life immediately changed for the better! She is fantastic, supportive, smart, understanding, hard working and just beautiful to me. From that point on the hunt for the perfect building started.


2016-2018. Still hunting for that "perfect" building. All the pieces of the puzzle had to fit for us.


Early 2019. We found it! The process started early 2019 and we started to incur setbacks and delays from the builder and city. We almost pulled the plug on the project but we sat back and did the best we could to be patient and believed if it was meant to be, it would work out.


Late 2019. Things started to come together, it was still frustrating as RC One was supposed to open fall 2019. But we pushed on.


2020. RC One will open! We are trying to bring RC Off Road racing to another level. We are trying to remove the shadow of “toy cars”. What we race is actually a real race car! We want to get people started on the right foot if they want to start racing. We have special classes for the new racer. We will work extremely hard on making fun, flowing layouts with a consistent surface. We also introduced a lounge for a parent to hang out in while their child practices or for someone who wants a break from a long race weekend. We will have vending machines, overhead watering, ample pits for over 120 drivers, a well lit facility with overhead LED lighting, an online store with live inventory, located right by a major highway for easy access, hotels, dinning within minutes and more…….

We hope you will enjoy the sport as much as we do!